About The Management

Not just Floofs

FloofCorp is a subsidiary of Cafiend, focusing mainly on developing entertainment products. Located in Boden, Sweden, we have an amazingly dedicated crew with multiple competencies.

Working in conjuction with the Arctic Game Lab, Boden Game Camp and Changemaker Educations, we aim to create a more welcoming and healthy working environment for game developers regardless of background or experience.

We believe in Developing Entertaining Products Through Entertainment

It is our firm believe that the best way to develop fun and entertaining products is through fun itself.

At¬†FloofCorp, we seek to disrupt the entertainment industry by creating content and products that stay true to our core of ordered chaos, choosing to focus solely on the “Fun Factor”, and tossing caution to the wind, while simultaneously creating an enjoyable learning experience.

  • Arctic Game Lab
  • Boden Game Camp
  • Changemaker Educations
  • M.A.D School
  • Game Dev Force
Our Specialties
  • Gamification
  • Digital Game Development
  • Analog Game Development
  • Blended Experiences
  • Serious Games
Notable Awards
  • Nominated for Boden N√§rhetslivgalan Hederspris 2020
  • Arctic Board Game Pitch 2019
  • Global HIT Challenge 2017
Featured On
  • Arctic Game Lab
  • Boden Game Camp
  • Boden Guiden