Meet Our Team

Meet our highly dedicated team of Designers and Developers!

Victor Doktare

Lead Artist

Victor does not seem to do anything, and in fact does not know what he does 80% of the time. However it appears that he does all of the things, from art to animating the art to maintaining the design integrity of FloofCorp projects, seemingly through psychic means. Previously he was raised by hippies in an art school, and worked in the steel industry of the Frozen North. Today, when not chasing fish and visiting Discworld, he keeps the team together and builds games. All through the power of the mind.

Joakim Börjesson

Lead Programmer

There comes a time in every generation when the people need a chosen one. An engineer who also understands design. Joakim seems capable of this and more. Proven for over half a decade building roleplaying systems and prototyping on boardgames, who knows what this entity is truly capable of.

Tobias Ek

Project Manager | Programmer

Tobi is a turtle led by his stomach. Between noshing and playing the role of a bard with his trusty guitar, he develops games. In code. Eldritch code, that is. It is said that his works are every bit as arcane as they are effective.

Olle Wistbacka

Quality Assurance

Olof is rumored to have secret powers of game development, deviously concocting life-absorbing experiences in the nearly 4 years spent in the organization known as S.K.O.O.L. He has a hidden lab (that we never speak of outside of FloofCorp) where he enthusiastically tests, refines and re-tests the things he makes.

Vivienne Koh

Producer & Game Designer

Vivienne (frequently known as Raven) is part of the shadowy cabal known as The Management in FloofCorp . Having been in the creative industries for almost two decades now, she had experiences ranging from radiation therapy to creating an alternative reality zombie apocalypse to developing and managing software projects on impossible deadlines. Her accomplishments are myriad such that they seem to be fantasy, but LinkedIn will attest to the fact that they are quite real indeed. This is why she is spoken of only in awed whispers within the organization.

Special Contributors

We have additional contributors on our projects from time to time – meet them here!

Vincent Franz-Schubert

Technical Artist

Vince is an apprentice at the Futuregames guild in Boden, in the land of the Frozen North. He materializes levels in games by design, and is a technical artist as well. He is versed in the craft of dissecting the technical minutiae of levels, and weave them from prototype to final polish. An avid connoisseur, he also parttakes of Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch and Black Desert Online.

Freja Sundberg


Freja...draws things. She has applied this arcane craft to boardgames and roleplaying games, the likes of which may be played on tables. As both a visual designer and graphical artist, she aspires to create new worlds and quietly practices the art of writing.

Joel Ekberg

Joel Ekberg

Sound Designer