Welcome To FloofCorp

Where each floof is everyfloof, and everyfloof is one Floof.

FloofCorp seeks to send out the darndest uncanny things that none would expect, yet stay true to the core of ordered chaos in true ridiculously floofy fashion, to an end that nobody can comprehend yet will manage to make perfect sense in the end.

Trust us. We have always been here, and we will be watching.

It's time to make moves

It is a well-known fact that we at FloofCorp never really know what we’re doing. Got an idea that you think won’t work? Come speak to us, and we’ll see which timeline we can throw it at to make it

The Next Big Thing

Not even lying

We Are The Greatest Floofs of All

To be a floof is to be ridiculous. A floof is in fact fluff gone so fluffy that it is fluffy in all dimensions at once, and ceased to exist anywhere in particular. It was through this transdimensional ubiquity that the Floofs decided to form a corporation, which made perfect sense because a side effect of being ubiquitously floofy is that each floof is in essence everyfloof, and everyfloof is simply one floof. The same one. But different.

It is through this chaotic order that FloofCorp arose one day in the unspecified timeless past,and simultaneously spontaneously found itself employing every single floof in every possible dimension in all directions. Being unable to make head or tail of it, FloofCorp never appears to do anything at any point of time (which is a relative concept at best), but somehow manages to deliver improbable products in strange timeframes.