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At FloofCorp we believe that experiences should be fun. Simple as that. It can be a video game, a board game, or something entirely outside what you may expect. What you can anticipate, however, is that it will give you a whole other insight on the world and other worlds besides. We also guarantee you will come out the other side different than when you started.

Would you like to come with us on a life-changing adventure?

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Recently Launched

Mobile Blitz

Give In To Your Destructive Tendencies

Captain Blitz is on a mission to take out entire cities, all alone. One trusty warbird, one gutsy pilot and a precise trigger finger. Will you be the one to flatten the cities before their walls flatten you?
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Our Latest Projects

The Game

The Game Where You Learn The Horrible Truth About Missing Socks...

Socks! The Game is a 4-6 player card game about the horrible truth about missing socks, and why there is always that odd one left…


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On The Nature of Things

What Happens When You Attempt to Traverse The Thingamagic Dimensions

When the Thing named Mr. Happy showed up, we were utterly unprepared. Not just because we thought we were expecting some other Thing, but also because he is massive. Like, really massive…


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Sorting Kittens

Have you ever tried to herd cats? Here's some kittens...

Every cat owner knows how hard it is to keep your furry friends in check – and when they are kittens…it’s even harder!


Let's explore the New Old Frontier Together

In the year 2025,  the world as we know has changed – maybe in some other timeline, but we don’t know for sure. In the New Old Frontier however, things are looking pretty good.

Plants vs Kitties

Calling all plant lovers!

We all know cats are lovely balls of fluff that also happen to be a**holes, knocking things off counter tops, eating and killing plants. Now, we have a less-destructive alternative!

JerryRig : Training Manual
Volume 1

Welcome to JerryRig! Before we proceed, please read your training manual throughly...

Welcome to JerryRig! Before you start, it is of vital importance to read through your training manual throughly. We have included a test to ensure you can easily understand what you are expected to do.

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We at FloofCorp are an ambitious bunch – and we are constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts. We are not afraid to try – and fail – we just want to have fun while we are doing so!