Welcome to the World of Socks!

Socks! The Game is a 4-6 player card game about the horrible truth about missing socks, and why there is always that odd one left…

Yes, We’re serious. This game is simple enough that kids as young as 4 can play…and win.
Designed to be best played by 4-6 players, you can play with a minimum of 2, and maximum of 8 with the basic deck.
When played by 4-6 players, the average play time is 15 to 20 minutes. Less players = less time. More players = longer play time.

13 Unique Socks

Your goal is to collect as many odd socks as possible without winding up with a pair. With 8 socks of each design, you can never be too careful 

24 Different Ways

So how does one gather these socks? Why, with action cards of course! with 24 different actions that you can perform, you can be sure there will always be something that you can do to either gain more socks, or, more importantly, to thwart other goblins. 

Quick & Easy

Need to know more? We have documented much of what we know regarding the behaviour of goblins in the GobCorp manual. For those who don’t like reading, we have also prepared rule cards that allow you to get right into the game.

How to Play

Each Sock card has two faces, representing its location. – the Room, or the Nest. When a Sock is in a player’s room, it is vulnerable to other players’ actions. However, when the Sock has been nested, it is protected from everything… – Except from the dreaded matching sock.

Its fun that time passes by real fast and you don't feel it. Great brain stimulation also 'cause one must concentrate to be scheming


Lots of fun screwing over all your friends! This card game will be bigger than CAH!


Fun, enjoyable and definitely more entertaining then a drawer of socks


I have always wondered where the socks go after a wash....


You never knew mismatched socks could be that much fun. Try it! It'll knock your socks off… quite literally.


Great fun game ! I really like the lore behind it. I mean, who has never lost a sock ? The mechanic is well built and allow for quick runs without taking too much time to think.


Had a blast playing Socks! ! The theme of matching socks is fantastic!

Daniel D.

A surprisingly fun way to laugh in the face of your friends without them being able to get mad with you. (it’s just a sock, man). Do not believe the theories about "rubber joints" in washing machines: they are a cover for the true danger of goblins. Be prepared (to laugh)


Playing this game was so fun, my time felt like it was stolen... much like the socks themselves.

Alex KThe Losing Streak